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Steps to setup a shop in Dubai

These are the steps that anyone has to go through while setting up a shop in Dubai.

Step 1: Knowing your expertise

This is the most basic step as it enables you to find out what you are good at and what kind of shop is best for you to set up and manage.

Step 2: Finding shop location as per your niche

This is the most important step as the location of your shop determines how many customers will visit your shop. It is essential to know the footfall of the area in order to make such decisions, you can get this data from the management of the shop. It is also important to know about your niche to find the perfect shop location, your shop has to be located at a place where your niche is present. For example; if you are opening a burger place then food court of malls is the best location for your shop to be as your niche is present there.

Step 3: Deciding a name for the shop

After you have finalized the shop, you have to decide on a name that is easy to remember, unique and not yet chosen. This type of name will also help in its social media marketing. To find out if the name is already taken or not, reach out to your regional licensing office. Also make sure before finalizing on a name that the domain name is available for the same.

Step 4: Licenses & registration

There are various licenses you have to acquire before starting any business in Dubai, like trade license and also special licenses according to your shop. To get to know all the licenses you have to acquire, get in touch with your local licensing and registration office.

Step 5: Know the rules

There are many rules that you have to know before opening any business in Dubai, make sure you are aware of these and follow it otherwise the fines are hefty. You need to know the rules before planning the layout of the shop as many shops are required to have a specific ratio of each area of the shop.

Step 6: Plan & Execute the interior and furniture of the shop

Being creative in this step is important as this is going to be the first impression that the customers are going to get from your shop. There are various things you have to plan in this like what kind of signage will your shop have, what color scheme will your interior follow, the design of your wall units, reception counter, kiosk, island counter, window display, graphics, light boxes and much more.

You can get these ideas by walking around in a mall.

For execution, I would recommend this company that is a one stop shop for all these requirements, Sea Winds BTL Advertising LLC

Step 7: Launch & marketing

Once you have completed all these steps, all you have to do is hire the right staff to manage the shop and plan a nice launch for the shop on a suitable date.

Invest in marketing and find the right strategies for your business and see your shop sales boom.

Good luck!


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